Grey latex reclaimed rubber

1. Technical Spec:


 Test result

 Rubber content



 Mooney viscosity



 Tensile strength



 Elongation percentage



 Specific gravity

 < g/cm3


2. Application :

(1)Children toys & tires, excercise rubber products
(2) car mats, rubber mats
(3) rubber shole sole
(3) color rubber produts,
(4) inner tube, tires
(5) color wheels
(5) rubber sheet
(6) conveyor belt and so on.


3. Features :

(1).Desulfurization is sufficient

(2).Good fluidity

(3).Without impurities

(4).Good aging resistance

(5).Good reinforcement performance

(6).Pass 18 polycyclic aromatic nd ROSE testing

(7).Can provide formula and technical support

(8).Low melting point (EVA76) packaging

4.Package :25kg/piece

(1). In film or in bulk–one  20″ container can load 25000kgs–1000 pcs.  ( 25Tons at most in a 20ft container)

(2). In pallets packing—one 20″container can load 22000kgs–880 pcs–20 wood pallets





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